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Gelato trax Brings the World 21st Century Italo, Hi-NRG Eurodance and Hard Trance
Gelato Trax is the futuristic revival of the legendary 90s sound of Italo.

The label and its artists are bringing the sound and driving energy of this lost genre back for a next generation of hedonistic party people

Gelato is the new sound of summer, a return to a glorious and lost time that captures the spirit and positive energy that Italo Dance provides for people all over the world.

Our mission is to make people move and express themselves without care or fear. The future always has been Italo, we just didn't know until now so embrace this journey with us, it's going to be fun! 
In stark contrast to Gelato Trax parent label, the minimalist style of artwork takes a different approach to Hi-NRG dance music
Tina Turbo - Tell Me
United States - Heatwave
DJ Elmo - Jetstream
DJ Elmo - Beat Fanatic

The Future Sound of Italo Series

Showcasing the latest upfront sounds of Italodance, mixed and ready for you to listen to wherever you are in the world
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