[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]El Capintano Records keeps the collection of Data to a minimum and will only use the data you supplied to us by contacting us for the purposes of responding to your enquiry and to keep you updated on new releases and other activities directly associated with El Capitano Records until you tell us not to.

We do use some external services to aid in the functionality of the site along with contact forms. a description of the way we use them are as follows.


Google Analytics

This is for business functionality and we can see what pages are popular etc. No personal identifiable information (PID) is available to us but it does help us to plan improvements to the website and give us an idea of where our visitors are coming from.



Naturally you probably want to hear our tracks so we use Soundcloud to host clips and previews of our tracks. Here’s the link to their cookie policy to give you an idea of the data they collect (https://soundcloud.com/pages/cookies)



We will as releases come out be utilising Bandcamp’s embedded players in our site as this will be where you can buy our music from. If you are logged on to Bandcamp then we could know who you are based on your user avatar only.


Contact Form

Contacting us via our contact form automatically gives us permission to contact you back if its an enquiry that we can help with. Anyone who sends in demos or wishes to know more about our current and future releases will be contacted back by us. Your data will be stored securely on our server and may be used for promotional purposes such as informing you of new releases, events we or our artists are at. Basically anything to do with El Capitano Recordings.

If at any time you would like us to delete your data that you have given us then we will delete is without hesitation, permanently.

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