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Introducing Gelato Trax

Ahoy there!

El Capitano Records has launched a sister label.

Gelato Trax is a label focussing on the classic 90’s Euro/Italodance and Trance sounds.

The label was soft launched in 2023 while we put the finishing touches to the direction of art style and branding which is a world away from the in your face style of El Capitano, instead its a more minimalist tone to set it apart.

The label already has six releases under its belt as part of phase one of the labels life. The releases so far include:

  • GEL001: Tina Turbo – Touch Me
  • GEL002: DJ Elmo – Make Me Feel
  • GEL003: DJ Elmo – Autostrada
  • GEL004: United States – Need Your Love
  • GEL005: DJ Elmo – Tomorrow People
  • GEL006: Tina Turbo – Tell Me

There are around 30 releases that are mostly ready for release over the coming months.

Head on over to our Bandcamp page to check out the releases and don’t forget to follow the label and grab the tracks.

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