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Gelato Trax reaches 10th release milestone

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Gelato Trax is going from strength to strength as its see’s four new releases.

The label already has six releases under its belt as part of phase one of the labels life. The latest releases are:

  • GEL007: DJ Elmo – The Siren
  • GEL008: United States – Work My Mind
  • GEL009: DJ Elmo – Until The End
  • GEL010: DJ Elmo – Lost & Found

About the latest Gelato Trax releases

The Siren is a haunting and deep dive into what Italo can be in the 21st century with sultry lyrics of a Siren beckoning the sea weary to the deep. It’s a journey for those that like it on the trancier side of things.

Work My Mind from United States is a euphoric and futuristic track that will take you back to the mid 90’s heyday whilst also being forward looking in its style and production.

Until The End is another trance infused slammer that also includes the classic rave piano that is (rightfully) back in vogue.

Finally Lost & Found is an epic trance track pumped up to 160bpm and has full on euphoric late 90s Ibiza feels throughout. If you want Hi-NRG in your trance then you can’t go wrong with this track!

Head on over to our Bandcamp page to check out the releases and don’t forget to follow the label while you’re there!

Happy mixing and listening!

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